Watercolor Prints

Chris studied Art and Education at East Carolina University, receiving his BFA in 1977. Since then, he’s worked in clay (raku-fired sculptures), cartooning, videography, and found object sculpture. For over a decade, the artist worked exclusively with mild-steel creating sculptures and interesting figures for the garden as well as interior wall pieces, tables, and sculptures. He explained to anyone interested that working with steel felt natural and playful. His work was a reflection of that joy.
However, in the spring of 2022, it became apparent he was beginning to lose the joy he'd once experienced in his steelwork. Change was due. Not certain what that might look like, he kept his eyes and heart open. When the Cove Street Gallery in Portland announced a two-day workshop in White Line Watercolor Woodcuts, he felt a strong pull to attend. That two-day workshop with Lisa Houck changed everything. Chris returned to his studio, cleaned his steel equipment, and put it on Craig’s to sell as one unit. Within 24 hours, it was gone. He cleaned, repainted, and redesigned his studio and has been actively printing woodblock watercolors since. The joy he was beginning to lose has returned tenfold!

Though he always had an active art studio, Chris was also a teacher of elementary and middle school gifted & talented students in Maine public schools for thirty years. His program was unique because it focused on creativity and how to think rather than what to think. For example, his Project Think program in Falmouth and his Advanced Learner's Program in Raymond challenged students by asking questions, looking for the second right answer, challenging assumptions, taking intellectual risks, and employing humor whenever and wherever possible. This was accomplished in units related to archeology, filmmaking, inventions, creative writing, creative mathematics, and more.
Chris’s artwork has been featured in shows at the Haley Gallery (Kittery, ME), June Fitzpatrick Gallery (Portland, ME), The Warwick Museum (Warwick, Rhode Island), Cove Gallery (Wellfleet, MA), 51 High Street, (Belfast, ME), Hole in the Wall, (Raymond, ME), North Dam Mill (Biddeford, ME), The Artist’s Space (Orono, ME), Two Hands Gallery (Camden, ME), the Phoenix Gallery (Portland, ME), and many others. The artist has also shown work at many outdoor festivals and shows, including The Channel Six Art Walk (Portland, ME), The Yarmouth Clam Festival (Yarmouth, ME), The Old Port Festival (Portland, ME), Castlebury Fair (Gloucester, MA), and Naked in New Hope (New Hope, PA).
The artist has called Maine home for 40 years.

The Haley Farm Gallery, Kittery, Maine. Nature Beckons (4-person show) April into June 2023. 4 prints. Owned and operated by Jacqueline Abramian, Haley Farm Gallery, as implied, is a large, beautifully finished barn located in Kittery, Maine, functioning as an art gallery, gift shop and meeting place exhibiting works by local, national and international artists and fine crafts by world artisans. https://www.facebook.com/HaleyGallery/

NOTE: for the past decade the artist worked exclusively in steel. He enjoyed great success selling his steel creations in the following galleries and shows. His woodblock watercolor prints are new. Galleries and shows will be added as they come.

The Cove Gallery, located on the waterfront in Wellfleet, MA, is owned and operated by Liane and Larry Biron. An incredibly personable couple, Liane and Larry have drawn a very talented group of artists to their gallery. http://www.covegallery.com

Portland Trails, Portland, ME
Five of  Chris's steel alien sculptures are on permanent display at two locations on Portland Trails. Portland Trails transforms Greater Portland into a healthier community for people powered transportation, conservation, and recreation, by creating a network of trails and green spaces that connect people with places. With the addition of the aliens, Portland Trails provides artistic and aesthetic enrichment as well. http://trails.org/our-trails/

Hole In The Wall Gallery- Raymond, ME
The Bard, Portland, ME
The Gorham Grind, Gorham, ME
Harmon’s & Barton’s, Portland, ME
Heart Opening, Portland, ME
June Fitzpatrick Gallery- Portland, ME
North Dam Mill, Biddeford, ME
The Artist Space, Orono, ME
51 High Street, Belfast ,ME
Warwick Museum, Warwick, RI
Two hands Gallery, Camden, ME
The Phoenix Gallery, Portland, ME
The Plains Gallery- Portland, ME
East Carolina University Library, Greenville, NC

Channel Six Sidewalk Art Show, Portland, ME
The Old Port Festival, Portland, ME
Saco Street Fair, Saco, ME
Biddeford Street Fair
The Yarmouth Clam Festival, Yarmouth, ME
Maine Arts Festival, Brunswick, ME
Castlebury Fair, Gloucester, MA
Saturday Art Shows, Portland, OR
Naked In New Hope, New Hope PA

  • 47 Highland Ave. Gorham, ME- USA 04038